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dimanche 19 avril 2020

Russia reports record number of new coronavirus cases

Russia reports record number of new coronavirus cases

Well, the number of virus cases in Russia has been soaring this month. Russia reported far fewer infections and many Western European countries in the early stages. But on Sunday, the Russian Crisis Response Center reported a record rise of six thousand sixty new cases from a day earlier. That brings its nationwide total to nearly forty three thousand.

Mikhail Yari Almen has been very busy since the Corona virus pandemic hit, the 23 year old student is in charge of public relations at the Church of Saint Tatiana in Moscow. Since early April, he's been streaming the services here online after the Russian Orthodox Church called on people to start praying at home.

When you pause, when you leave. It's because. They called me from the church and said one line we have to go online should be weightiest. And the first thing I thought was. I don't know anything about how to do this. But now the livestreams have become crucial.

This Palm Sunday was the last Easter service. Worshippers in Moscow could attend in person, even though far fewer people were going to church than usual. Moscow authorities decided Easter services were too risky during the pandemic and issued an order to the church to close their doors to worshippers. To Father Vladimir and his congregation, having to let go of Easter traditions is a heavy burden to bear.

Scorable who I am mourning the fact that people have been driven out of the church. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are. They've been driven away. A few days later and these empty spaces have become the new normal for churches in Moscow. This church may have to stay empty for a while now, but right now hundreds of people are watching this service live on YouTube. Mikhail Yari Almen thinks that people will come back to church after quarantine measures in Moscow end. But he also believes in his livestreams, noticed Karama. Many churches have started streaming and that means they're also telling more people about orthodox Christianity, which is, of course, the ideal scenario is that people will come to our church later after watching our livestream.

Was it transparency?

The authorities in Moscow say they may extend the measure after Easter Sunday. But in most other regions of Russia, churches will stay open to worshippers for Easter.

And Emily Sherwen is standing by for us in Moscow with the latest. Emily, hello to you. It's an alarming increase in the numbers of infections being seen in Russia. What is happening where you are?

It really is an alarming rise in cases in the last five days. The cases have actually doubled here in Russia. On the one hand, that may just be because case numbers and numbers of infections are rising as the virus spreads through the country. But the official line here, and I think a very logical explanation as well, is that they have just stepped up testing in the past weeks very significantly. For example, there are more labs now and apparently nearly two million tests have been carried out with over 100000 tests being carried out just in the last 24 hours. So really a huge number there of tests happening. And that now includes people who don't have symptoms. People who are likely to have been infected like medical war workers or people who have had contact with someone who is infected. And officials here in Moscow, where most of the cases, more than half of the cases have been found, have been saying that actually around 60 percent of people in the capital here could be carriers without having any symptoms. So that strategy of testing certainly makes sense.

All right. So authorities reacting with ramped up testing. But Emily, how are her normal people responding to this situation? How worried are they? And do they trust the authorities are doing the right thing?

Well, I think people are worried here. People, on the other hand, you know, have been told to stay home, rather strict measures that have been happening here for the past few weeks, even before this huge number of cases. People have been told, especially in the capital, but also in most other regions across Russia, to stay home just and just leave the house, to go to the supermarket or to walk their dog within 100 meters of their homes. So really strict self-isolation measures. And of course, Russia isn't yet at its at the peak of infections. So that's pretty difficult for people here in Russia and in Moscow, especially where they have been most of the cases, as I said, they've even introduced a system of electronic passes. So people who want to leave their houses and take public transportation or take car journeys have to sign up every time on a government website. That is a measure, of course, to stop infection spreading. But it is tough on people.
All right, detailees. Emily Sherman reporting for us from Moscow. We thank you very much.

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