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dimanche 19 avril 2020

How to keep the coronavirus out of your home

How to keep the coronavirus out of your home

I really don't want to touch this or this should I be wearing gloves. Am I too close wops. Nope nope not gonna go in there. Was that a cough. Did I just touch my face. Why do I feel like I have to touch my face all the time. A lot of us are unsure how to handle being outside during the growing crisis and are afraid we might carry the virus back home.
So I asked three infectious disease specialists and the public health expert how to minimize the risk of the corona virus coming into our homes. If you go into the grocery store get in. Get out of that list at hand parasols can take a long time to dissipate. So even if somebody is not around you but time to make up in five minutes before you cough reducing the number of people going shopping from your household is also a good idea. Only one person goes to get the groceries every day. I have been trying to be the one to go and do these difficult or dangerous tasks I guess because I feel that my mom is the most vulnerable among us being. Over 60. Having asthma and being immunocompromised suppressed choosing the healthiest person in your household and having only them shop for everybody would also reduce the queues people are experiencing worldwide.

Assumes that all of the surfaces are equally contaminated and think about them being kind of covered in wet paint. I tried to be as conscious as possible I'll still burn my hands have been unwanted being in touch with if I handle let's say something off the shelf I make a mental note that my right hand is not potentially contaminated if I can I make contactless payments if I need to that's something I do it with my knuckles. The former is something that we are so used to touch continuously that we don't consider as a surface. You know it's sort of an extension of our hands. Be careful with your phone. There's many ways you can wipe it. You can use mild disinfectants and so on.

It's not really protecting it locked yourself wearing a mask what's prevent you from potentially infecting another person. Yes you might by chance the asymptomatic re infected homemade maps are better than nothing. Be careful when you take them out. You don't have to touch the outer surface only the inside one and possibly wash them at high temperature. Full disclosure I didn't have one but after I talked to the experts

I decided to buy one. What about gloves. The gloves thing. I think on balance are a good idea but not for the reason that people think the virus doesn't jump through your skin so it's not like having gloves keeps the virus out of your blood or something like that. That's not the mechanism of entry when you have gloves on it feels weird to be touching your face.

When I go to supermarkets I put their gloves on because I think I'm more aware while more conscious about where your hands get my hands go after because I am a I'm a nail biter but there are downsides to gloves as well. Do you need to be able to take them off. Otherwise you contaminate yourself with the contaminated gloves. The other thing you have to be careful about is that you feel safer with the gloves and you tend to touch more things.

There's been studies on how long the virus can survive on different surfaces and surfaces. Of course also means the coat you wore outside the groceries you just bought all the mail that arrived. The more you can kind of keep the things that could be contaminated in a safe space.

That's definitely a good idea. First I leave the shoes and outerwear directly by the door. General good advice seems to be designate a hot zone. That's an area where you bring in and you store the groceries that you just bought. I will show you for now so you can see everything is is labeled with the date. The mail is handled by fewer people so it's less risky but you can do the same with it as well. Wait a few days and the virus will not survive.

I might want to use some groceries right away. I always was a fruit it especially long. But everybody we talked to handles the other groceries differently. He washes them with dishwashing liquid. I've started like sometimes washing them. We have to wash each and every thought that I have got from altered everything I sanitize the best that I can with warm water or with disinfectant.

But the experts I talk to agree disinfecting surfaces after shopping and also washing your hands is a good idea. Luckily I'm not in the high risk group and I don't come into regular contact with people who are. If your situation is different maybe opting for the more cautious measures is advisable. But of course. And every one of the experts told us this. The basics are the most important. Keep your distance. Don't touch your face and wash your hands frequently and properly. But in a lot of places even those basic rules are very hard to follow. The wet markets cannot be regulated very well and since the stalls are very close to each other. There are social. This has not been implemented well so it poses a lot of great danger.

It's quite challenging especially where I live. We understand that people much so economically strong to the best of our abilities. We try to make sure that whatever item that gets in is safe. The theoretical possibilities are almost infinite but we need to balance what is reasonable and makes our life bearable. And what is risky just thinking about the most likely things are going to happen. Otherwise you're going to drive ourselves crazy. I'm already so overwhelmed worrying. I don't want overall myself to play. Every possible precaution. For my part I will wear my new Moss stick to my hot zone and go shopping more efficiently and I'll try to worry less. What questions do you have regarding the current crisis. Please let us know and leave a comment. And if you feel like it please check out the other episodes of hashtag in this together.

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