Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours - Challenge - Ehealthy diet plan


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dimanche 8 mars 2020

Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours - Challenge

Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours - Challenge

I want to order everything on the menu, please guys if in this is enough me neither, that's more like it.I've got enough food here to feed our whole sitting clothed in 10 minutes. This challenge was a lot harder than I thought it would be the most way in 24 hours wins $10,000.To win the bread You Gotta Eat the bread literally this challenge may sound easy, but I have a feeling it's not sure about that. This is the moment. I've been waiting for my entire life all my life. I've been eating doughnuts and take place Kid sweet chocolate and it's all being done at this moment to prove myself the biggest look,
These muscular biceps and look at these Rock Solid abs.

I go to the gym five times a week. I'm like the rock V was Bowl Martin. He is bald say I'm used to eating high protein high calorie meals to this is gonna be a piece of cake. Did you say we're having cake forget the bald Rock again Jill. I'm the one that's gonna be winning this challenge today a few years ago. I was fat balls and today is pulling back.

Here we go. It is time for the official weigh-in and bald Rock. Martin is going first. Here we go. You ready for this? Wait, what's he doing? What? Are you ready? I'm ready. But what you sure I'm ready. Yeah. No, here we go. Martin has stepped onto the scale and he's waiting at 160.

7.5 the Rocks got nothing company the Bold Rock. Hi guys. It's my turn. Now. What no one wants to see that. Okay, big Jill has stepped onto the scale one hundred and fifty nine point six the scales wrong Morgan. I think we need to try again. Let's see if the scale was wrong hundred and fifty nine point six. Just one more. I think the scales broken.

Oh my gosh doesn't even started yet actually gaining weight. I'm obviously a natural at this. I know boys and girls the moment you've all been waiting for. What are you laughing at? Whoa.

Was obviously closed between every time you went. Yeah guys. I'm putting this back on. Let's get the way boys and girls here we go the final weigh-in

One hundred and ninety six point seven, look at that bald rock you got nothing on me.

Is everybody ready? I'm ready the challenge stars in to the plan and it's to win take the most calories with the least obvious lie guys. I need to get the cells to a drive-through and I think you all know what drive-thru I'm going to be going to McDonald's. Here I come.

Right guys jumped in the post and I'll let me tell you about my strategy. I've got 24 hours to eat as much as I can and gain as much weight as I can and as well as that I've got to think about not burning calories as well. So ideally I want to stop in the house and not move at all. So if I go out now and get all the supplies, I need for that 24 hours and once I'm back, all I've got to do is sit still and eat all that food team bold. We've got this let's go.

We're off guys. I'm not really sure where my mind went running off to they just probably burnt like 50 calories right there. Anyway guys as well as gaining weight a massive part of this challenge is making sure you don't lose any so let me go check were more Martin were heading. Oh my gosh guys. Usually mom and Marvin's cars are right there on the drive, but guys, they're not there guys. I think they taking the cars and left me those cheeky buggers I bet.

This how am I supposed to get out and get all of my supplies now? I can't drive I don't have a car and if I walk I'm gonna been so many. I have an idea guys. I'm gonna get it delivered and 10 minutes later guys. We've arrived at McDonald's you probably wondering what I'm gonna order guys. You're in for a surprise. Oh guys. I just can't decide I could get a big my a big tasty.

Chicken nuggets. You know what? I'm just going to order one of them. Yes. You heard that correctly. I'm going to order one of everything from McDonald's. I'm serious about winning this Challenge and putting weight on. Hello. I want to order everything on the menu, please. Yeah, every Burger every drink everything and don't forget the mclaurys to and also I want a full cup of tomato ketchup not just little bits the sachets. I want an actual cup fill it up. I want you to swear the kid. Thank you.

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