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mardi 10 mars 2020

Should the world copy China's aggressive efforts to contain the coronavirus?

Should the world copy China's aggressive efforts to contain the coronavirus?

It all began here at this LIJ food market in one hand, China. A mysterious virus born in its shops, triggering a wave of illnesses. The Internet soon filled with pictures of hospitals at breaking point and the body bags piling up on buses. Images brought to the world by citizen journalists risking life and liberty. Do you want. I'm not even scared of death. You think I'm afraid of the Communist Party? China scrambled its massive resources in the most ambitious containment efforts ever seen. Juha, come to. This is something all Chinese people are involved in. Each person will pitch in and will play their part. Some future health workers from across China headed to the front lines of the outbreak, putting themselves in harm's way.

It with, of course, were worried and so are relatives here. But we're nurses and we'll do our job as long as we wear the uniform.

The scope of China's response is unprecedented. New medical centers built in days, universal temperature monitoring, controversial, strict social distancing rules that included locking down a city of millions, helping to stop the spread and meticulous contact tracing and will hand 10000 epidemiologists aggressively traced every person that's a Corona virus patient had been in contact with. Hundreds of thousands were tested at fever clinics like this. Scientists returning from a fact finding mission praised the efforts.

Folks, this is a rapidly escalating epidemic in different places that we have got to tackle super fast to prevent a pandemic. It's actually what China demonstrates is where this goes. Is within the control of our decisions to apply this kind of rigour and approach to to to this disease.

Experts say the China playbook is a blueprint for the world. But the question is, can they? And will they follow it?

Professor Dale Phishers from the National University of Singapore and he was part of the W.H.O. team that visited China in February. Professor Fisher, thank you for joining us. The report commends China for the kind of response it had to the Corona virus outbreak. My question to you is, is the world ready to follow the China playbook?

Well, that's a good question, Barish. In fact, one of our comments was that we had major concerns over whether the world was ready. Some of the interventions that were required in China really required a lot of community engagement and a lot of thoroughness, speed, decisiveness. And we thought some countries could struggle.

Would you like to name these countries, is most of the world ready to follow the China response?

You know, the world is full of countries with completely different context. So so, you know, I think they the countries that are being taken by surprise, you know, the the ones with many cases at the moment. You know, in many ways, the unlucky ones, they were the first ones tested. And more and more now that people can see what happened in Italy, which is not completely different to what happened in Wuhan compared to what's happening in in Iran, South Korea. You know, these countries were tested very early. And and other countries, I think, have got the opportunity to learn from what happened in China, but also from what's happening in these other countries and and try and have the preparedness in place so that so that they don't follow.

Likewise much along the lines of China. Italy has effectively imposed a nationwide lockdown. Would you say that based on the current situation of the number of cases worldwide, that there are other countries that should have potentially imposed a lockdown by now and they haven't?

It's it's really about whether you're able to bring in the interventions. One of the major interventions is early case detection and identifying the contacts and being able to follow them up closely enough so that if their case, if they become cases, then we can stop that chain of transmission because they've been identified early and indeed in many cases isolated even before the symptoms began. So you need to have sort of these more drastic measures, such as lockdowns. I think when the number gets to the point that you physically can't track everybody anymore, so it's like stay still because we can't follow you.

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