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mardi 3 mars 2020



Hi, guys. Well, that's my D.C. terminal said today when Sook-Yin supplements. So it certainly passes on a daily basis. Ask me about the supplements I take, but I take them with all that stuff to do these supplements. So if what I are orders questioning them on video. Also, I had a little announcement on my social, so I start to ask about. So if you follow me on those you already know, but from my subscribers, I'm going to explain it. Okay. So as I said, if you have you on any of my social media, then you already know this. But a couple of days ago, I officially became partnered with my protein. So it's in my protein are a company that's our protein products and they have a clever branding set. So I was partially partnered with them. So we had a commission link, but now I have a discount code. I can give you guys and all my followers that when you guys go and buy any supplements, any protein shakes, you can use a disco. So, yeah, and with a discount code on the screen now it's very simple. Just NDB three five. And it gives you a 37 per cent discount. Now I think 10, this discount is very big. And at the moment I currently have so many a discount code in. It was hit off 42 percent because there's something happening right now in my prices. My discount code has been increased to 42 percent.
So let me whenever you guys go to buy a different from my protein, you can use my discount code and you can just knock off so much pounds off of your order. And I know my luck friends are not people that follow me on such an Instagram have been using my discount code all this week and they've just been buying so much protein, similar supplements to really aid their growth along with Jim. So I'm just going to talk you through some products. I have a sort of what I say news that you can use to A.C. again, you can get it on the website and it would just really help your fitness journey depending on what your goal is. Okay. So the first product I'm going to talk about is the weight gain, a blend. So this is very similar to extreme gain, a blend. And I spoke about this in my first video about my protein. So extreme Gatorade is a protein shake that I live by. Everyone that knows me, that follows me, knows that's why I use 10:44 as a protein shake that has a lot of protein minutes. So obviously ready go to the gym. You need a lot of protein to repair your muscles. And that's why I suggest it to girls, because a lot of people have a diet that's naturally high in protein. So this is a weight gain event and it's very, very similar to extreme gain that both allow you to put on the size and mass and obviously weight.

So if you don't engage Jillian Bland because a student has a lot more protein that a lot more carbs. So if you want something that's a little less happy, then you can get weight gain a brand. So weight gain, a band has fat grams of protein, which is still very high and it's three hundred and seventy calories per serving. So you can get a shaker bottle like this. And once you fill up, then that's Asami. And then this will contain $378. So this size is 2.5 K.G.. So it comes in 2.5 K.G. and 5 K.G.. As you see, 2.5 K.G. is massive. So if you get five pages Bosie just going to be double the size, which would be humongous. So again, if you're new to gym, I need to pregent sheets, get the smaller size. So you see maybe lacquer. You don't waste your money. But I got the flavor of the net up because I like to mix it with different stuff, not pinot bar or Greek yogurt, but it also comes in chocolate, smooth strawberry and then unflavored. So 0C dependent on the stuff you like. You can get anything you want. And yeah, it really does help you put on a sizable massacre, someone that struggles to put on weight. Then this is the protein shake for you.

So 2.5 pages of weight gain event is 26 99. But if you use my discount code, then it goes down to 15 pounds, five. So for someone, again, that wasn't for old weight, which I know of you do, and repair your muscles at the same time. This is the protein shake for you. So I'm going to be linked by a description box and my discount code in the description box. And you can go and get your presence. Now that gets cut. I'm going to show you guys is the protein pancake mix. So this is something you can have for breakfast and obviously for someone that likes pancakes. Then this is good for you. Not a favor. Apple, it is maple syrup. But again, it also comes in chocolate, cinnamon and sugar, cookies and cream, golden syrup, not Nevitt cream and unflavored. So again, there's so many favors to choose from. And they're not just basic flavors. There's a lot of different flavors. So if you're sort of that's pancakes and not Waseca and some person, the more then as well as off the gym, then this is something for you. I had this the other day. Andi's. And that's how you. They're so sweet and they're so nice. Like they're not unflavored. You know, sometimes you buy products and they don't exactly taste like what they say. This tastes exactly like how it says so. Maple serve as a flavor. I had I think this is 500 grams and again, 500 grams is nine pounds like mine.

But when you use my discount code and be free five, I get 42 percent off. It becomes five point seventy nine. So it's nice and cheap. And that's a simple to make less. You just make pancakes the same way that you usually do and you've got pancakes. So this is a nice way to get in protein, 32 grams of protein and reduced sugar. And if you also want us watching your weight as well, then it's low in sugar and afterI about your sugar intake. And yes. So again, 999 reduced to five pounds. Seventy nine. I say five point seventy nine AM at this point, though. And again, the link is in a description box. I know. I just can't go again if you ever forget. OK. So the first products we're talking about is the overnight recovery bed that guides this supplement is crazy high end protein. So it has 44 grams of protein and it's also low in sugar. And the flavor I put it into strawberries and cream. So guys over that recovery blend. So if somebody goes to the gym at night, like 9:00 or onwards, then when you come back, this is something you take and you can take it like 50 minutes before bed. And it it she's as far as you walk and quite naturally prepares your muscles overnight. So if you're someone wakes up the following morning and you're aching this stuff, this can really, really help with it because it makes you repetitive and overnight.

And that's why it's so high in protein. So that overnight recovery bed only comes in two flavors. So strawberries and cream and chocolate. So the price of the overnight recovery event is 24 9 9. But again, with my discount code, it comes 14 pounds forty. So you'll save yourself tampons, 50. So if you're someone that aches the following morning and you don't really like it, this is perfect for you. If someone wants something to just fill them up at night and know that you're getting a protein, then then this is for you. And again, it comes as strawberries and cream and chocolates me. So the next point I'm going to show you are protein brownies. You don't always have to take supplements like with milk or water in order to get your protein and protein. Brownies are a great way to get your treatment. So it comes in a package of twelve and each browning has 23 grams of protein. So for someone that's at work or someone that's got uni or quality to a school and you still have it at your protein in protein, Romney's all good way to get there. And because it's still high in protein and it's a quick snack on my protein website, they also have protein bars unlike a Protein Krispies and there's so many different little snacks.

So if you know someone that likes to have protein shakes, then get in a snack. Time for eating can also work. So a pack of tough protein brownies is 1799 and they really use my discount code. It goes down to 10 pounds fancy free. So again, for someone else, a light snack still wants to get their protein in. Then this is the product for you. OK. So this next supplement is called the pre-workout socio pre-workout is something you take before gym and some pre workouts have caffeine and some don't. And basically they give you a lot of energy and they give you a pump to get for your workout. Now, I never took pre-workout. I took it for the first time the other day and literally I felt I felt sick. You're supposed to take it for eight minutes before you goes to the gym. And guys, when I tell you I felt it going through my body, not it was flowing through that my hands were tainted in my head was tingling in that. And that's what you gave me so much energy. Like when I was GCB finished, I could have gone for another hour in the gym and I was just going and going get into my workouts in using heavy weights. It was brilliant. So if you're also on that last not motivation, what that energy and light combo skirted the gym, take a pre workout.

Also, I'm not forcing you to take a pre workout. See how you feel if you feel a lot better for a lot more energized, stick to it because it's a great way to get from your workout. So I have the pre-workout and fruit punch. That's the flavor. And it also comes in blue Raspberry Cola. Let me show you. I'm strawberry kiwi. So there's a lot of other exotic tastes that come with it. It's not just like strawberry or hot chocolate. This is that you fruit punch. And it tastes like fruit products. It's a little different, but it does taste might decide that fruit punch. So, again, for someone I was editing, someone I want to get for your workout nice and quick and have a great pop. This is the pre for you. So the price of the pre-workout is 24 99. And then when you use my discount code again, it goes down to fourteen pounds. Forty nine. So you'll save yourself next year about ten pounds. So again, guys, this is something I very much recommend. I have never had a pop like that in the gym. It just got me through the whole entire workout. It was so good. Okay, so the last part I'm going to show you off label drops. So flame jobs are just literally like it's like a little thing and you just put it certainly, guys, you know, you just put drops like in your food.

So if you're like me and like, I don't know, something that's really plain, you can add in a few drops of this or it will. If you've got if I'm making a protein shake and you don't mean that my taste, the proteins say, let me add in that five to seven drops of this and you literally taste it. So the flavor I have is toffee. And guys, when I tell you it smells. Exactly. It smells bad than toffee like toffee. It's wasbeing like this smells bad and toffee. So the flavor jobs come in. Apple, banana, blueberry. But at this get cheesecake, cherry chocolate chocolate. Peanut butter. Coconut hazelnut. Lemon, mango. Maple, mochi, peach peanut. Strawberry raspberry toffee and then are white chocolate. There are so many flavors, guys for flavor. OK, so whatever you're making. So there's a flavor job for it. There's something to add flavor to it. What was I know. Protein shakes don't always taste the best. I know when you're eating something that oats, it doesn't always. He's the best. Bees are a good way to get some flavor into your food. And it's also a zero calorie. So, guys, these are perfect. Souffle drops are very cheap. We're ready. They're four pounds. Ninety nine. And then when you use my discount code and be free five, it goes down to two point eighty nine. But you know what? The cheaper the. That's why I say so guys.

If you are and that has a sweet tooth or not stuff that tastes nice, nice and sweet get flavor jobs, zero calories and they really just switch up whatever. Yes, it guys, that's the end of the video. I just wanted to show you guys the supplements. I take the supplements you guys can take and they literally are the best. My protein has such high quality products is insane. And obviously, a lot of the girls have bought stuff that I suggested and also said that they watch for them. So, yeah, again, if you want to gain weight, gain a ban, if you lack energy pre-workout, if you also trade in your food, flavor drops, you can get anything from my committee. So put the link in the description box, which is my own commission, then go to the website and look up all the products that are on there. See what works for you. See the stuff you want to try and use my discomfort. So I'll see. I love to save you guys money. I love to give you guys deals. And that's why I'm so happy to be officially partnered with my protein because I'll always have my discount, though, now. And I can always help you guys. Wherever you're watching this video on the days least on weekly. Ah, over here they are my discount code to always be there and you can always get a discount on your order.

So guys, make sure you like corners subscribe. Make sure you keep the links in the description box and go check out the website and I'll see you guys on my next video.

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