Meal plan for picky toddlers - Indian toddler diet plan | Indian kids meal routine | Picky eaters indian recipes - Ehealthy diet plan


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samedi 29 février 2020

Meal plan for picky toddlers - Indian toddler diet plan | Indian kids meal routine | Picky eaters indian recipes

Meal plan for picky toddlers - Indian toddler diet plan | Indian kids meal routine | Picky eaters indian recipes
Hello, friends. Welcome back to this video is going to be kids meal ideas, and I have already done two different videos on what my kids eat in a day, but I still get a lot of messages and e-mails asking me to do more of these. And I totally understand that. Even me as a mom, I'm always on the lookout for more and more fun recipes and different varieties of means that again, feed my kids. 
And so I'm very happy to share this video with you all. And these recipes are not just for kids, so it can be also considered as family meals because we are all going to eat the same thing. So let's get started with this video. OK. So for breakfast, I'm already having some those about it with me. So we're going to be making some kattan those as today and for the dip along with it. I have struggled a little bit in the past because I sometimes make some sambar for breakfast and if I'm having rice for lunch, so I make sambar as a side dish for both the meals together. But on other days I make something easy, like a chutney or anything like that.

And my kids don't prefer that as much. And I don't want to force them to have it even because I don't think. Check me out such as that. Healthy. So I used to end up giving them a little bit of sugar. And then my kids definitely loved. But I wanted to try out something healthy as a side dish, because if the main dish is healthy and if the side dish is also as healthy as that, and if my kids love it, it's a win win situation for everyone. So I have been making this dip recently and it's a Hamas which is very easy to prepare at home. And my kids love it. And each of the ingredients used in it is so healthy. And if something is leftover in the plate, my kids love to have it, even though I'm in Italy, it those, as it were, I have this. How much is leftover? They love to scoop it out and eat it with a spoon. So I haven't really happy with that. And I wanted to share this with you all. So let's get into making the breakfast.

I'm getting ready to prepare to get it, though. So. So here I am having some baby carrots and I'm going to be using those and greeting them in the food processor. And I really like using this food processor for grading any vegetables.

So here are the greatest Gadid God enemies and a living wardo that I'm going to grind into a beast like consistancy. I have taken about two cups of those Abbado and then I'm going to mix this spirited mixture into the batter. Once that is ready, I'm adding a little bit of crushed causality, maybe do it. Going to fry these mustard ordered that Andre Jilly's and then added into the bad dough. Once it's nicely mixed, Legatum those abiders really. Before we make the Gadid, though, so I'm also going to show you how I made the hummus dip footed. Here are some white sesame seeds which are ridgen gashing iron and many of Wideman's and minerals and is releasing it in a band. And then.

These are the ingredients required for it boiled chickpeas, lemon juice and a few garlic cloves, paprika, some olive oil and some garlic salt.

It is quickly adding it all together into a food processor and mixing it well into a base like consistency.

And adding the olive oil. Little by little. From the top so that it just trickles down and blends well into the mixture. We have most of us ready now. And I'm going to prepare for the worst with the battle that we had prepared earlier. I'm using a small spoon to make small sized ones which kids find cubed.

And then once that is, daddy gets a big breakfast.

Sometime bars their breakfast. I give them fruits today they're having a smoothie drink, which they like. And it's a good one to increase their weight. So for that, I'm just chopping up a banana and I just pop it up in the freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes for making this movie.

I have a tablespoon of Feenan vardo, a tablespoon of Cocoa, Corcovado, half a cup of milk.

And then I now going to add all that together into a blender job and giving it a good mix.

Ok, is enough for lunch on a weekday. He has got school and has to go to school before 12:30, has to start from home at 12:30 to get into his school bus. And so there is not much of a gap between his breakfast and lunch. And so usually I prepare some one board meeting which has everything in it, and he can that he can have easily.

But for duty, I am going to be making some Darcars, which is stuffed black mean productize, which is a very, very tasty and healthy as well. So let's get started with the lunch here and making the dough as usual.

But homemade flowers for the stuffing. I have some boiled black beans. I'm heating up in a band with a little bit of salt. A messala poto.

Good in about.

A few minced garlic cloves after mixing it well, and after all, the water has evaporated off, adding grated beneath do it and mixing a Dogville.

Once it reaches this mushy consistency, the feeling is ready. Then, as usual, I'm stuffing the filling while rolling the batter does.

And cooking it up.

So land is black. But does it seem right, though? And if you chop D'Amato's.

After he comes back from school, the kids have milk and then a snack. I just made this with some pineapple cubes, cheese and blueberries. This is a snack bar cheese that I'm using.

For kids, it is a body was a straw instead of a bamboo stick, as Askew was inside, didn't have to worry about my liver eating it, and they had a lot of fun eating this from the straw. And most often I feel it makes a lot of difference with dizzily. Anything is served to the kids.

Ok, is enough for dinner. This is going to be a lucky fine meal for the kids. And it's not going to be the traditional Indian meal. But what I wanted to incorporate in my kids at the earliest is their relationship with salads. And I want them to consider salads as a part of that meal. And I don't want them growing up thinking that salads are something that you have only on a diet or anything like that. So and even here when I grew up in the school cafeteria, they have the option for salads. And I warned them to choose that or something else at their own will. So I have been trying out different fun salad ideas for kids. And I can see that my kids are loving this salads, especially because of the toppings on top of that. But the happy part is that they get to finish most of it. So do they. For dinner, they're going to be having a salad and a fine lucky burger. We're just not the traditional burger with the buns. It is a different kind of burger. So let's get started with that.

Then I'm using these silly for making the salad. It's a very good source of protein invested in me and I'm just cooking it in boiling water with some salt and then washing it in cold water and squeezing of the excess more dough.

After dynamiting it into a barn and adding some dacko seasoning here, you get any sort of masala that you would like to. One side is Folke this and it can be put together. Here are some shredded letters.

Sour cream. Shredded cheddar cheese. First adding in this shadow ledgers.

So we had Chun's.

And doubling it with cheese.

And adding some worn down strips to add a good crunch to the salad. And then it's ready to be much.

Why it eating a salad? I also wanted to make a special burger for them, so I had already been the best people be pretty darn slice it and season it with some olive oil salt and altogether and allowed to cook it in the barn.

So now it is barely took a year to have an avocado. So just scooping out the flesh. And after that, mashing it well. Instead of the buttons and the BOGO MIA using I Healthy Adoption's sweet potato and making a simple fun burger for the gifts.

Look, I go on to the sweet potatoes life and adding this sliced up dirt.

And it is early to be a part of a kid's fun.

That's it for today's video. I hope you all enjoyed watching this, and I hope it was helpful for someone out there and I will see you all later in a different Radio Atlantic. And by.

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