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vendredi 11 octobre 2019

Cashing In On Health And Wellness

The growth of an unstoppable market
This is the definition of the baby boomers from Wikipedia. A Baby boomer is someone who was born during a period of increased birth rates, or Baby boom, and the term is particularly applied to those born during the post-World War II period of increased birth rates. In the United States, the term is iconic and more properly capitalized as Baby Boomers.
These people are significant in the formation of a new economy of supply in demand. Never in the history of man, has the baby boomers generation sparked such a massive market gap to be filled.
We all heard of first mover’s advantage, where the pioneer of a new market has considerable advantages. If successful, his market dominance gives him a considerable advantage compared to the others who come in later and try to differentiate themselves either on price or service rather than innovation.
Furthermore, market dominance allows one to set the barriers of entry or the standard of quality.

Back to the example of Bill Gates:
If you were to own a large portion of Microsoft shares during its inception, where would you be today? Of course not all of us will be able to proudly proclaim that I was there when it started. Most people didn’t identify the trend and come in when it is too late!
The same would also apply to big name companies like Yahoo! and Google.
It is no point trying to get into a saturated market. There will be too much barriers of entries and competitive forces in the market. What we need to do is identify the needs of the market BEFORE it saturates or even better,before it starts.

We can set the trend instead of following one!
The baby boomers are the main key to this role because of their buying power as well as their sheer numbers. Large numbers will be the key because the first movers, who position themselves strategically, will sell product after product to a hungry market and have his or her financial position secured for decades. In the next chapter, we will explore where these baby boomers come from and how to anticipate their demands from a historical perspective.

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